Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Jeff Meacham is a composer, martial artist, sound engineer and close friend of mine. I first met Jeff while working for EA Games - Salt Lake City, and while I never had the chance to work with him there, we were always talking about the video game industry and life outside of work. As I began preparing for STAND and the role of Wes T. Garrett, Jeff immediately sprang to mind for several reasons. First, I wanted someone who could pull off a rougher, streetwise look. Jeff has the build and bearing I was looking for and he was willing to shave his head for the role. Second, Jeff is conveniently local and available, which is always a bonus. When you add in Jeff's martial arts training and sound engineering experience, you have the perfect individual for fight choreography, sound design and music. Since the start of principal photography, Jeff has fallen naturally into the role of Wes.