Tuesday, January 17, 2012


SAT. NOVEMBER 26, 2011 William and I left Logan and headed to Centerville. As we traveled, Jeff called and said that he was unable to film that day, so we decided to film several shots using a stand-in. We drove out to Antelope Island (though very low on gas, which made traveling about the island more difficult). We shot various walking/traveling shots along rocky ridges, high grass fields and small cliffs. We were lucky to get a herd of antelope running in the background (a shot that in today's world would gave been done with CG in post or combined footage). Unfortunately, the buffalo had been moved to the south end of the island and were too far away to do any good. We did however get a couple of shots with two or three stray buffalo in the background. After leaving the island, we headed north once again to shoot at "The Rock" out on the Northern Salt Flats. I filmed a couple of shots with William and the large independent flag, but the wind was very high. As the sun set, we filmed several hero shots with Wes walking along the desert and away from camera.