Wednesday, June 19, 2013


STAND is in the final stages of post-production and the creative team behind the film would like to offer one of our fans (or a collaborative group of fans) the opportunity to showcase a little fan aerospace engineering. 

Have you ever wanted to design a ship for the Rim?  Are you anxious to see that idea fully fleshed out in beautiful CGI?  Would you like an accompanying ship's logo and some official papers?  Well, now's your chance to enter our STAND Ship Contest. 

To enter, please create a sketch of your vessel.  This can be any original shape or design for a vessel about the size of Firefly or smaller.  Something that could run blockades or pull a train job.  Please provide as many angles as possible so that we understand where you're going with the overall look.  The less details you provide, the more we'll have to make stuff up, so if you have specifics, get them down on paper.  We'll take anything from pencil drawings to CGI. 

We would also like a writeup about the ship's class, speed, engine types etc.  Whatever you can provide, we'll try to include in the finished design and paperwork.  The more we know, the more we'll try to make. 

Once we have a number of designs, we'll announce our chosen favorite and begin mocking it up to appear briefly in the film.  We'll also make it available publicly with your work properly cited and show the design process about your ship in an 'extra' from the STAND project.  Some of the designs we don't choose may still end up being seen in some special features, so start your engines and hit those proverbial drawing boards.

The contest starts now and ends on August 1, 2013.  After that we'll keep you updated about the ship's progress. 

This is an example of the CGI work that you can expect from STAND.

Please contact us on Facebook once you have your entry ready and refer all questions to our Facebook page...

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